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CERAGEM Massage Bed

CERAGEM is a Comprehensive Spinal Care Management Massage Bed.  It provides an all-in-one method to soothe and care for your back and spine. Replacing other devices and the need to visit back specialists. CERAGEM offers the following:

  1. Acupressure: Scanning technology finds your acupressure points and provides an intensive massage.
  2. Massage: The spinal scan tailors a massage to each person.
  3. Stretching: The spine is stretched and relaxed during the massage.
  4. Heat: Heat is emitted through the surface of the bed.
  5. 22 Massage Modes: You can choose from 17 pre-programmed auto modes including the newly added Acupressure Mode, Golf Mode and others. Plus 5 custom modes to suit your body condition.

CERAGEM also has FDA Cleared Medical Claim such as:

  1. Temporary relief of minor muscles + join pain stiffness
  2. Temporary increase in local circulation where applies
  3. Relaxation of muscles

CERAGEM Maintains Daily Physical + Mental Care

  1. To relax + restore
  2. To relieve stress
  3. To relieve muscle tension
  4. To regain energy + vitality

Come Relax and get Uplifted with us…. Get an IV treatment and enjoy our CERAGEM Massage Bed for FREE.

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