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TMJ/tension/headaches releaf

Pain in the jaw resulting from stress and teeth grinding, tension in your neck and shoulders, and constant headaches can affect someone’s life tremendously. Fortunately, there is a solution. Our comprehensive TMJ treatment protocol created by our founder, Hula, FNP, MSN, is not just injections of Botox in masseters muscles like the majority of clinic …

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Non-surgical Butt Lift

Only some people are willing or ready to go under the knife to get a shaplier perkier backside. But we have a solution for you at Uplifted. Our nonsurgical butt lift procedure is done in the comfort of the office over 2-3 visits with no pain, no downtime, and fewer risks than a traditional BBL …

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Non-surgical Eyes

Looking tired even when you are not is one of the most frequent complaints we hear. We can instantly rejuvenate your undereye area with dermal fillers, get rid of hollows giving your eyes tired look, and brighten up the area. Provided undereyes is most anatomically challenging area to treat, our approach is gradual and is …

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Non-surgical Nose job

The nose is the centerpiece of your face. Many people want their noses to appear smaller, straighter, and lifted but don’t want to do surgery. At Uplifted, we offer non-surgical nose enhancement with fillers and PDO threads. Sometimes we combine these two procedures to give you the nose of your dreams. Provided noses are very …

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Biostimulators such as Sculptra and Radiesse stand separately from dermal fillers. They will give your skin elasticity, tightness, and rebound you once had. Sculptra and hyperdilute Radiesse work gradually and require 2-3 treatments. Collagen-stimulating fillers will provide you with the most natural, glowing, youthful appearance without that “done” look. You look like yourself but 10 …

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PDO AfterGlo

Imagine 1000 smooth PDO threads crushed into powder and mixed with Hyaluronic acid to boost your skin’s next-level collagen. AfterGlo will give your skin a smooth surface and a protective layer to retain moisture, elasticity, and resilience. It can be delivered into the skin via microneedling, micropapules or aquagold.   


Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF, helps to eliminate wrinkles and facial folds, treat and under eyes loose skin and dark circles, and improves acne scars and texture. It has been proven to be superior to PRP (plasma) due to its capacity to release growth factors over time, encouraging longer-term benefits than platelet-rich plasma.  PRF is …

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