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Salmon Sperm!!! The Secret Skin Booster

PDRN or Salmon DNA is composed of amino acids and has a long list of benefits. Salmon DNA is a powerful ingredient that has been used in Korean skincare for years and now makes its way to the U.S. In last week’s episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian discusses her latest skincare routine with her mother Kris Jenner that included the use of salmon sperm. The essence of the discussion was wanting to maintain a more natural, youthful look. While the celebrity headlines often create the buzz around a new trend, the years of science behind this powerful ingredient is why PDO Max decided to formulate it in our latest brightening skin booster: LúmEnvy.

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We Are Going To The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas!

Please note that next week, our clinic hours are going to be Monday 6/24 and Tuesday 6/25 from 10am until 5pm! We are excited to announce that Hula is going to be a keynote speaker, teaching the amazing techniques and benefits of various skin boosters that are making quite a buzz in the aesthetic industry today! Uplifted is considered a key opinion leader and will be speaking on different panels in regards to new cutting edge technologies for skin rejuvenation. Uplifted is committed to constantly learn the best treatments that will bring amazing long lasting results to our patients! We have exclusively launched our LumEnvy Skin Booster with Salmon DNA last month, which leaves your skin luminous and simply gorgeous! There are more surprises to come.

We Are Going To The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas! Read More »

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